This story is the FIRST PART in a series of Spanish Easy Readers called SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS, whose aim is to help you learn Spanish from scratch and reach an intermediate level.

¡Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Repetition is key in this book: you will read the same words, the same expressions and the same grammar structures again and again. 

When learning new words and new expressions in a foreign language, repetition is essential. You need to read (and hear) the same words again and again, in different contexts, in order to understand its meaning and to be able to remember them later on.

Vocabulary and comprehension questions.

Each chapter comes with a list of the main vocabulary used in the text and reading comprehension questions to help you understand the story and learn the vocabulary and grammar involved.



Reviews:JOANNE DAMICO wrote:

It’s amazing how Juan Fernández is able to write such an amusing story in simple, easy to read Spanish. I have read this author’s other books, at a higher level, but it was very refreshing to be able to zip through this book, as if I was reading English. The characters, as usual for Juan, are very funny and likable. I recommend Hola Lola if you’re beginning your study of Spanish, or if you just want to enjoy a good story with humorous characters. Will William become fluent in Spanish? No sé.

Tori Altona wrote:

Super slow beginning to get comfortable. It's repetitive but before I knew it I was literally reading in Spanish. I stopped mentally translating and just read in Spanish. A wonderful addition to my Spanish lessons.

Kim wrote:

I just started learning spanish and this was a great first book. It progressively builds knowledge and learning in an interesting and fun way.

Mel C wrote:

This book is a helpful learning tool and fun to read as well. It is difficult to find materials to read as a beginner in Spanish, that are educational and also entertaining. I recommend this title.

Amazon Customer wrote:

Outstanding book for beginners. Lots of repetition and basic vocabulary, but somehow still fun to read. Each chapter has questions to test comprehension. ¡Muy bien!

Darlene wrote:

Hola, Lola reinforced vocabulary and grammatical structures that I learned in Spanish 101/102 and taught me new vocabulary in a pleasurable way. I found myself thinking in Spanish and not translating between Spanish and English. I can’t wait to start the next book. Muchas Gracias Juan Fernandez! You are helping me reach a goal on my bucket list—learning another language.

Kindle Customer wrote:

A great book for beginners. Easy for new Spanish speakers but still interesting to read. Made me laugh out loud several times.