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ISBN: 978-1533336309
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ISBN: 153333630X

La profe de español (Paperback)

María is a Spanish teacher who works in a really peculiar language school, where bizarre things happen. Her students love her, but her colleagues not that much. When she doesn´t turn up for work on Monday morning, her students worry and suspect something bad happened to her at the weekend. Where is María? Where is "la profe"? What happened to her? Why is she missing?

La profe de español is a short story specially written for students with a pre–intermediate level of Spanish (A2).

However, La profe de español is not just a book to learn Spanish. It is also a good story. It is a funny, witty, enjoyable and engaging story. A story that will capture your attention from the beginning and, hopefully, will make you smile.

If you have ever been to a Spanish class, you will enjoy reading La profe de español




Reviews:Margo on https://goo.gl/3B6vT4 wrote:

A really good way to learn more Spanish
Our teacher recommended this to our Spanish language class and we are having great fun with it. It is an amusing story about a rather unconventional Spanish langauge teacher at a language school in Spain and we love reading it aloud. Juan Fernandez has created a whole group of characters whom we recognise and,yes, even identify with some of them. He manages to bring in a lot of vocabulary for everyday situations and also at the same time cleverly introduces some grammatical points and explanations. The exercises after each chapter are also very helpful and inspire our own conversations round the class as we try to answer the questions. It's a really good way to learn more Spanish.....

Amazon Costumer on https://goo.gl/Qa94zP wrote:

Verbs in context
The story was simple, so it didn't distract focus from the purpose of reading to improve comprehension. It really helped to underpin learning of preterit tenses in particular, future tenses used to consider possibility and pronoun placement. I would recommend for improving fluidity of language understanding and moving from beginner to intermediate.

Cri on https://goo.gl/GocSsV wrote:

A great reading for Spanish learners
I read the book and I really enjoyed it. It was a bit easy for me, because I have an advanced level in Spanish but I still found it useful to revise important structures and vocabulary. I would recommend this book to any student of Spanish at pre-intermediate. It is really fun!

Amazon Costumer wrote:

This is an excellent book, educational and entertaining. I enjoyed the story itself, and was grateful that the author put some definitions and comprehension questions at the end of each chapter. I basically devoured this book and cannot wait to get my next book from the author. All of his online material is excellent as well, I tune in daily:) Thank you, Juan!

yankeeprod wrote:

Can’t thank professor Fernandez enough. I’ve been learning Spanish on my own for three years now, and I struggle to find new material that helps me advance. I’ve done several audio courses, listen to Mexican and South American music constantly, and watch Spanish videos and Spanish instruction on YouTube. I have read very little Spanish liturature though, but after getting hooked on the professor’s instructional videos, and hearing his constant advise to read Spanish stories also, I’ve now read this book and Fantasmas del Pasado, and I feel like I’m taking a big leap forward. Thanks professor, you’re an amazing guy.

Kim wrote:

It’s so amazing that simple Spanish reader can be so interesting and humorous! I really enjoy these books written by Juan.

D Sumegi wrote:

I was really surprised how quickly I got through this book. I've never read a book in Spanish before, and although I only understood 80-90 per cent of the text, most of the unfamiliar words fell into place (made sense) in context. Juan is right! It is the best way to learn new words and grammar. I've only been learning Spanish for the past ten months, so I was really surprised that I understood so much of it.

Kindle Customer wrote:

Este libro me ayudé mucho. Muy fácil de comprender y divertido para leer.