James is a young English man who is really obsessed with studying Spanish. Not only does he want to learn Spanish: he wants to be Spanish! He gave up drinking tea and now he only drinks coffee, sangría and red wine; he is learning to dance flamenco by watching videos on YouTube, has only paella and tortilla for dinner and sleeps siesta every day. No wonder people in the village think he is completely crazy!

Learn Spanish by Reading

¿Me voy o me quedo? is a short story specially written for students with an intermediate level of Spanish. It will help you learn, revise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar of level B1. Reading short stories like ¿Me voy o me quedo? is one of the most effective and pleasant ways to learn a Foreign Language. By reading, you can learn vocabulary and grammar structures in context, without memorising lists of isolated words or studying endless grammar rules.


However, ¿Me voy o me quedo? is not just a book to learn Spanish. It is a funny, witty, enjoyable and engaging story. A story that will capture your attention from the beginning and, hopefully, will make you smile.

It is also a story about the experience of being an immigrant and the stereotypes we all have about “the others”.




Reviews:Matt H on https://goo.gl/BrGXpc wrote:

Reading is a fun way to improve Spanish, which doesn't feel like studying. The author's books have characters, dialog and plot (an improvement on others you can buy). This is my favourite so far. The protagonist James is a quixotic Spanish student who thinks all Spaniards have beards, only eat paella, arrive late to everything...

I also appreciate that after new words are introduced, they are reused within the chapter.

One gripe about the Kindle edition: the book is labelled "Language: English" which means it doesn't work with a Spanish dictionary. I agree with the author that you should read the chapter first without a dictionary, but I'd like to be able to look stuff up.

* * *

Leer para aprender español es genial. No me parece como estudiar. Los libros de el escritor contienen diálogos. Esto es mi favorito. James es un estudiante loco. Piensa que todos los españoles coman paella, lleguen tarde.

RaMieya Harris on https://goo.gl/c4e2N3 wrote:

Honestly, this book is perfect for intermediate spanish level. It is easy to follow from beginning to end and full of great vocabulary. I really appreciate how the author reused vocabulary throughout the book so that the reader could become more familiar with the use of a particular expression or word. I took a few months from reading and when I returned, it was easy to continue. Looking forward to starting my 3rd book by this Author. The first book was La Profe de Español, another great choice.

H G Fawcett on https://goo.gl/AmYCgT wrote:

Una historia buenísima para los estudiantes de español. Es interesante y divertida. Y lo mejor está escrito en castellano. Tengo ganas de leer el proximo libro. A great story for students of Spanish and the best thing is it is written in Spanish from Spain. I look forward to the next book from the author Juan Fernandez.

Erik Linthorst wrote:

I have had a very hard time finding books that I can read and understand in Spanish. I started buying children’s books in Spanish but even those use vocabulary that is beyond my abilities. When I found this story, it was the first time I could read a story beginning to end and understand nearly all of it. On top of that the story is actually quite entertaining, the characters are complex, interesting themes are explored and I found myself very engaged.

Sarah Guenther wrote:

The book is a nice length- not too short or too long. The chapters are relatively short with vocabulary words in bold and a list of the vocabulary words and definitions at the end of each chapter. The words and sentence structure is suitable for an early intermediate student. The majority of the verbs are in the past tense. I could understand a lot of the new words to me by the context of the sentence. I also wrote in my notebook the new words to help me learn them for future use.

Mark B wrote:

Esta trama y los personajes de este libro me mantuvieron interesados, ya que aprendí nuevas frases y palabras para mejorar mi español. Fue una experiencia de aprendizaje agradable para mí. Lo recomiendo a cualquiera que quiera mejorar su comprensión en español.

Joanne Damico wrote:

It is a pleasure to read a story in Spanish that is interesting and pleasurable. Me Voy o Me Quedo holds your interest in such a way, you forget you’re actually studying. There is a strong character development, the reader truly cares about the lives of James and Elvira. The chapters are short with a vocabulary page after each chapter, a tremendous help. I am now reading another of Juan’s books Una Chica Triste, and I enjoy it immensely. I plan on reading all of his books. I was reading children’s books in Spanish before I found Juan and 1001 Reasons To Learn Spanish, I’m so happy to be reading as an adult.