Un hombre fascinante

This story is the SECOND PART in a series of Spanish Easy Readers called SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS, whose aim is to help you learn Spanish from scratch and reach an intermediate level. Therefore, the difficulty of the text and the language used in this short story have been adapted to help students revise and consolidate their grammar and vocabulary in Spanish at level A1 and A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference.

Repetition, repetition, repetition…

Repetition is key in this book: you will read the same words, the same expressions and the same grammar structures again and again. 

When learning new words and new expressions in a foreign language, repetition is essential. You need to read (and hear) the same words again and again, in different contexts, in order to understand its meaning and to be able to remember them later on.


Each chapter comes with a translation of the most important words and expressions used in the text to help you understand the story and learn the vocabulary and grammar involved.



Reviews:Michael Ross wrote:


This is perfect for developing one's Spanish skills. Once you have learned the basic grammar and structure of Spanish, what next? This book, along with the other terrific materials by Juan Fernandez (books, podcasts, videos, etc.) provides the answer. The key is that everything he does is in Spanish and if you choose an appropriate level you understand enough to take in new words and expressions. I have found that his method of teaching Spanish in context works brilliantly. I can't praise this highly enough. Very cheaply priced but hugely rewarding. It makes learning Spanish fun. It's so unlike my dreary school days learning French conjugations by rote. Ugh! I am really enjoying learning Spanish with books like this one.

Amazon Costumer wrote:

A good read.

An interesting way of learning the various pat tenses in the context of an intriguing tale with a twist.

June wrote:

Wonderful as ever!

I always love Juan's books. They are great stories and a great way to improve your Spanish.