Spanish Easy Readers - Lecturas Graduadas en español
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ISBN: 978-1520872698

Una chica triste

Her name is Loli. She is young, overweight and always looks sad. Her mum keeps telling her she needs to lose weight. If she wants to get a boyfriend, she needs to be slim. And she needs to smile. Why does she always look sad? She needs to lose weight and smile more often. That's all she needs to be happy.

This book is a short story for adult learners with an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of Spanish. It will help you revise and consolidate your Spanish grammar and learn vocabulary in context.

However, Una chica triste is not just a book to learn Spanish. It is also an interesting story that you will actually want to read. A story, which, I hope, will catch your attention from the beginning and will keep you motivated till the end. A story you won´t put down easily. A story that may keep you so intrigued you may forget the main purpose you started reading it was to learn Spanish!




Reviews:DC BOOTH on wrote:

Excellent book
This book is great for learning Spanish at intermediate level. The chapters are short with help on vocabulary at the end of each one. Most of all, the story is interesting and keeps your attention up to the end.

maryC on wrote:

A good story and one I could read without needing to translate all the time
I really enjoyed the story, and found I could understand and read it without needing to translate, a first for me. Helpful vocab at the end of each chapter. I would read books like this again.

Mr. Berwick Curtis on wrote:

How to expand your passive knowledge
This is a good series - I took a step back from the C1 and found that I only needed to check out about a word per page. The repetition was unintrusive but meant that new vocab was cemented easily. More importantly this was an interesting story though I was just a little disappointed by the ending which I found a shade contrived.

Amazon Costumer on wrote:

Me gustó mucho este libro. A veces era muy ...
Me gustó mucho este libro. A veces era muy serio y otras veces muy cómico y como el título un poco triste. Muy bueno para aprender más Español.

Ildikó Tuck‎ wrote:

This was the first "easy reader" I read in Spanish and I was pleasantly surprised. Juan's unique storytelling style that was already familiar from his youtube videos really shines in this book. The story is engaging, relatable and easy to follow. At first I was worried that it would be too easy or too didactical to be enjoyable for my level (around C1) but I was wrong! It was just perfect, not too hard but not boringly easy either. At first I was a bit underwhelmed by seeing explanations at the end of each chapter, but really, they were very convenient! A great way to check whether what I deduced from the context while reading the chapter was indeed the meaning of that particular word or expression. I highly recommend it and am looking forward to the next B2/C1 level book he publishes!

Sarah Guenther wrote:

The story line is compelling and leaves you wanting to read more to find out what's going to happen next. There's a few unexpected plot twists to keep things interesting. The chapters are relatively short with definitions of highlighted words at the end of each chapter. It's a good value- the book isn't that expensive but it's a medium length book.

Joanne Damico wrote:

This is a complex story with complex characters. Juan Fernández has a gift of storytelling, but a much greater talent in character development. Must be his background in psychology. The Spanish in this book is at a higher level, and a wonderful exercise in the past tense.

R. Kahl wrote:

The author is known for being very successful at coaxing students toward Spanish fluency through combining relatively advanced structures and vocabulary with much repetition. While the amount of repetition might detract a bit from literary value (and he does go overboard with the potato chips), this is not supposed to be great literature. His goal is a story interesting and humorous enough to keep you reading and learning, and it more than meets that standard. This book taught me a lot.

JF wrote:

This book is an excellent intermediate spanish reader but more than that because the story is intriguing and believable. Some would say it is also mysterious and suspensful. To me the story seemed real. I think it could be based on real characters in that the author is a former psychologist. It seems to me to be a real life story of a personal struggle written at a level of intermediate spanish that I could understand. It draws you in. It makes you sympathize with the character.