Easy readers, historias y lecturas graduadas para aprender español.
Editions:Kindle (Spanish): £ 2.40 GBP
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ISBN: 978-1519086679

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva

This book is a short story for learners with an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of Spanish. It will help you revise and consolidate your Spanish grammar and learn vocabulary in context.

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva tells the story of Brian, a young man living in London who is very unhappy with his life and has made quite a few resolutions for the New Year which is about to start: he wants to lose weight, give up smoking, learn Spanish, change his job... But, above all, he wants to forget María, his Spanish ex-girlfriend.

If you have ever dreamed of learning Spanish, you will enjoy this book.




Reviews:Han on https://goo.gl/Ltmdqi wrote:

A good book
This is a very nice book for people starting to learn Spanish. I got it on my Prime subscription and read in a couple of hours. The best thing about it is that the author really wrote a story here, not just some generic text for language learners. In short, it's about being young in London and all the ups and downs that go with it. I've read so many graded readers and stories in easy Spanish but this one really struck a chord with me. It somehow resonated with my own experience of living in London as a foreign student some years ago. Anyway, buy this book if you need something to read in Spanish, it's a good one. The author is a teacher of Spanish, by the way, and has a very good website. Be sure to check it out as well

Phil Watkinson on https://goo.gl/uYeQfz wrote:

Enjoyed Reading
I enjoyed reading this short book. It is designed to be a teaching aid for english (British) students learning Spanish, with good recommendations on how to use the book, and a resume and multiple choice test at the end of each chapter.
The level of Spanish is basic up to Chapter 5, where the full 'level A2' vocabulary and grammar is employed.
I think this type and level of book fills a gap for the spanish student wanting to improve their reading skills. The usual recommendation - children's books such as the Harry Potter series - are quite advanced, especially in vocabulary, for the post-beginner student. This book is a useful stepping stone to the Harry Potter books and deserves to do well, as well as being entertaining. I look forward to the next instalment of Carmen's and Marcela's story.

A Costumer on https://goo.gl/sUqX4p wrote:

Excellent book to learn Spanish!
This book helps students to learn Spanish through reading. The story is funny and enjoyable. I particularly liked how the vocabulary is highlighted and repeated at the end of each chapter. Another important element was the explanation of the Spanish and South American cultural contexts, allowing students to become familiar with relevant aspects of everyday life in Spain and South America.

Gypsy wrote:

It was engaging and through context I was able to figure out unfamiliar vocabulary. I’m off to read the next book by Juan!

Nancy Burke wrote:

Engaging stories with true adult themes. Well structured for learning. I would love to read more books at the b2 level.

Mark B wrote:

El libro es otro cuento corto escrito para estudiantes de español de nivel intermedio. Me sentí bien poder seguir al personaje y la trama mientras leía mi nivel actual de comprensión del español. También me ayudó a desarrollar mi vocabulario y aprender español conversacional más informal. Una gran herramienta de aprendizaje!

Bret W Anderson wrote:

I'm an adult learner of Spanish. I've been at it for about two years with no prior experience. I use a bunch of different resources as part of my learning journey, but one of the most important resources I found when I reached an intermediate level was the work of Juan Fernandez. This book (and several others like it) are great for practicing your reading. They are fun and educational. Even better are Juan's Website (1001reasonstolearnspanish.com), podcasts and videos. They have been a tremendous resource to advance my Spanish in a fun and enjoyable manner. I'm obviously a HUGE fan of Juan and his work. Buy these great books and support a guy that is providing an amazing service to those of us trying to learn a second language.

Tomás wrote:

Me gusta la claridad y manera a aprender bien. Posiblemente Marcela tiene más a decir a Carmelita. La glosario es interesante también. Las características, estereotipos y costumbres son buenos. Yo leí dos veces bien. Gracias