Stories to learn Spanish


This book is a Graded Reader for adult learners with an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of Spanish. It will help you learn, revise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar of the level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference.


HISTORIA DEL AÑO was originally released as a series of 12 videos on YouTube, each of them featuring live narration of the story. The main purpose of the videos was to show the the use of key vocabulary and key grammar structures in context, as used by native speakers. You can watch the web series on our channel in YouTube: Español Con Juan.


For each chapter of the story, you will find comprehension exercises in our blog.


Reviews:Alyz wrote:

I have found it difficult to find books and videos etc to help progress through intermediate level, having tried quite a few authors I came across Juan via his numerous podcasts and YouTube videos , I then bought some of his paperbacks which I enjoyed. This was the first Kindle edition I have tried, I especially like the fact that on the Kindle (for IPad app ) you can press and hold a word you don’t know and you will get a translation to English ! Juan’s stories are interesting enough to keep you reading whereas other authors stories are boring and learning is a chore. Another nice touch is you can watch Juan repeat each chapter on YouTube before, during or after reading it. Yes, he repeats himself a lot but this is to make sure you have heard the content and it helps you to remember phrases etc. I hope he writes more of these as it is the most pleasant way I have found to learn Spanish.

J. B. Bridge wrote:

Juan Fernandez is a great teacher. Both his videos and books are superbly crafted to help learners. Historia del Año is the collection of transcripts of the video series he produced last year, so it can be read as a standalone or used with tbe videos. What I particularly like is his humour, and how he teaches important phrases and idioms, along with the vocabulary and use of grammar. I strongly recommend it to intermediate level students, along with his other books, which are from A1 to B2 in level, so something for all learners. Well done Juan!

Mr. N. G. AUSTIN wrote:

I liked the story itself - very modern comedy of manners. And of course the Spanish language - clear varied and interesting. A pleasant read and an educational one.

Michael Ross wrote:

I am a huge fan of Juan Fernandez. This book is adapted from his video series on YouTube which was hilarious. I have learned so much from Juan and am extremely thankful that he is providing resources for intermediate Spanish learners. For me, being able to understand and enjoy Juan is the most rewarding thing about learning Spanish. Muchas gracias a ti, Juan!

Anne wrote:

Fantastic book for learning and understanding. Really helpful and a funny story. I have found Juan Fernandez way of teaching to be unbelievably helpful...

Chris hughes wrote:

This story made me laugh - it's very funny and a bit mad. Full of really good Spanish phrases to pick up and there is a lot of dialogue, reported speech and people's thoughts so you get to understand how certain phrases are used. I've learnt a lot and laughed out loud too. I recommend it.